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Program Information

Kathleen P. Farrell
School of Business & Social Sciences

Crime & Legal Studies

The Right Side of the Law

A bachelor of arts (BA) degree in crime and legal studies from Colby-Sawyer offers a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system and how it relates to a variety of ethical and cultural influences.

In the Interest of Justice

Understand the history of the American criminal justice system and comparative criminal justice systems; legal concepts and terminology, as well as the relationship between procedural rules, substantive public policy and constitutional constraints on law enforcement. Identify problems facing criminal justice organizations through the integration of criminological and social theory and propose solutions to the contemporary challenges. Identify vulnerable populations and how criminal and legal personnel can assist them within the system.

Build your resume with a required internship and develop research skills with a senior Capstone project that demonstrates the depth and wealth of your legal knowledge. Graduate with creative and critical thinking abilities and communication skills grounded in professional ethics and evidence-based analysis as you pursue a career in law enforcement, corrections, parole, probation, social service areas or attend law school or graduate school.

Get on the Pre-Law Track

In conjunction with the major of your choice, Colby-Sawyer’s pre-law curriculum provides a solid understanding of American political and legal systems. Fine-tune the skills necessary for law school success including how to think critically, communicate and listen effectively, conduct library research, demonstrate basic quantitative literacy skills and contribute positively to society.

Further Your Education

Colby-Sawyer’s partnership with Vermont Law School (VLS) allows you to complete a bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor in as little as five years or a bachelor’s and master’s degree in four. Choose the graduate education option that best matches your law career goals.

Application Information

Pursue a Legal Studies Minor

Discover and refine your interest in the law with coursework focused on the demands of legal writing and communication. As a supplement to the major of your choice, the legal studies minor is helpful in assessing your readiness for law school or for a career in which legal knowledge is useful, including business, education, politics, the arts, sports management and public health.