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Student Government Association (SGA)

Want to be heard and make a difference on campus? Colby-Sawyer's Student Government Association (SGA) is the primary vehicle for all students at Colby-Sawyer to get involved with the governance of the college. Every enrolled student is welcome to participate in the SGA.

About SGA:

SGA is composed of 24 elected and appointed student senators, plus four executive board members. SGA is active in policymaking and oversight through various committees, including:

  • Clubs and Organizations Committee: Chaired by the treasurer, this committee allocates funds for student activities throughout the school year.
  • Media Committee: Managed by SGA's secretary, this committee is responsible for SGA media.
  • Issues Committee: Led by SGA's vice president, this committee addresses campus concerns.

SGA also appoints student representatives to multiple faculty and staff committees.

SGA meetings are open to all college community members and are posted on the campus calendar.

The Student Government Association Constitution and more information is available on SGA's Instagram or on Sharepoint.