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New Hampshire Alpha Chapter

The New Hampshire Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society was established at Colby-Sawyer in 1980 to promote academic excellence and exemplary character among students and to honor those achieving such distinction.

In the fall of 2023, 18 students were inducted into Alpha Chi and since its inception, 783 students have been inducted at Colby-Sawyer.

Alpha Chi Selection Criteria

Students must rank in the top 10 percent of the junior and senior class and demonstrate ideals of truth and character. Senior members include those selected in the junior year. A candidate must have completed at least half of the credits for graduation and must have been enrolled as a full-time student at Colby-Sawyer College for at least one academic year prior to election.

Alpha Chi Pledge

I pledge myself to uphold the purposes of Alpha Chi, striving to make its ideals my ideals in scholarship and in service.


The New Hampshire Alpha Chapter participates in projects and programs to promote learning and academic excellence at the college and more widely. Past efforts include organizing study breaks during exams, collecting books for under-resourced schools and hosting Hot Wings Hot topics movie nights.

ALPHA CHI Charter Constitution and Bylaws


The New Hampshire Alpha Chapter of Alpha Chi (No. 196) was established at Colby-Sawyer College in 1980. The chapter uses the national organization constitution with additions to Article XIV, Local Chapter Organization.

ARTICLE II - Purpose

The purpose of this chapter will be the stimulation and recognition of scholarship and those elements of character that make scholarship.

ARTICLE III - Officers

Section A. Officers will be elected each fall and will consist of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and student delegate to the national convention. Chapter members each year may combine positions but at least two officers must be selected by the organization.

Section B. Each year, students will select at least one and up to three associate sponsors of the organization from the faculty at the college.

ARTICLE IV - Yearly Activities

Section A. The members of the organization will select an Alpha Chi award winner each spring. The recipient will be a graduating senior who, in the eyes of the members, best exemplifies the ideals of the society and who has worked to promote the chapter on campus.

Section B. The chapter will sponsor at least one scholarly activity for the campus community each year. The members of the organization will determine other activities.

ARTICLE V - Executive Board of New Hampshire Alpha

Section A. Members of the executive board include the officers of the chapter, the official sponsor(s) and the associate sponsor(s).

Section B. The president of the chapter will serve as president of the executive board and the secretary of the chapter will serve as secretary to the executive board.

Section C. The duties of the executive board are to carry out the work of the chapter during the intervals between meetings of the membership.

ARTICLE VI - Meetings

Section A. Each academic year, there will be at least two regular meetings held with the Alpha Chi membership.

Section B. The first meeting will be held in the fall semester no later than two weeks preceding mid-term. This shall be a business meeting that shall include the election of the associate sponsor(s).

Section C. The second regular meeting will be held in April and will contain an event of a social nature.

ARTICLE VII - Finances

Section A. Funds may be raised by the membership in accord with college policy.

Section B. Expenditure of chapter funds must have the approval of the official sponsor, the president of the chapter and the executive board.

ARTICLE VIII - Elections

Section A. Elections of the officers and associate sponsor(s) will be by secret ballot.

Section B. A majority vote of the members present will be required for election to office.

ARTICLE IX - Committees

Committees will be appointed from the Alpha Chi members.

ARTICLE X - Quorum

A quorum for the purpose of conducting business will consist of those members present at a duly called meeting, i.e., a meeting announced by the secretary of Alpha Chi to the entire membership one week prior to the meeting itself.

ARTICLE XI - Parliamentary Authority

In the absence of any law, Alpha Chi constitutional provision, or bylaw to the contrary, the practices describe in Robert's Rules of Order will apply at all meetings involving the transaction of business.

ARTICLE XII - Amendments to Bylaws

Section A. Any proposed change in the bylaws must be distributed, in writing, to all active members and the sponsors of this chapter one week in advance of the meeting at which the proposal is to be presented.

Section B. A two-thirds majority of those present must vote in favor of a bylaw change before it becomes effective.

ARTICLE XIII - Precedence of the Constitution

No bylaw may be passed which conflicts with the national constitution of Alpha Chi.

For more information, visit or contact Colby-Sawyer chapter sponsors:

Randy Hanson

Russell Medbery