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Clubs & Organizations

Students make things happen at Colby-Sawyer by participating in and collaborating with faculty, staff and other students to develop a wide variety of activities around campus.

Many of these activities are connected to a club or organization. The following is a list of clubs and organizations and their purpose statements. Many have their own web pages with information on their activities.

  • African Student Association

    The African Student Association is a student club dedicated to promoting the cultures of the African continent to the world as well as helping others understand what being African is truly about. The organization hopes to, by working with people from all over, break the false established stereotypes of Africa. This club is open to all.

  • Alpha Chi

    Colby-Sawyer's chapter of Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, New Hampshire Alpha Chapter, promotes academic excellence and exemplary character among college students. Its name derives from the initials of the Greek words aletheia (truth) and xapakthp (character). LEARN MORE

  • Anime Club

    The purpose of this organization is to view samples of anime (Japanese animation) received from various companies, to showcase projects made by club members and to hold intelligent conversations about themes of anime and manga (Japanese graphic novels).

  • Biology Club

    No doubt about it, the natural world is absolutely amazing. From the beautiful simplicity of a spider's web to the incomprehensible complexity of the human brain, there is more to observe and understand than one person could achieve in 6.02 x 10 (23) lifetimes! But the Biology Majors Club can help you get the most out of this life by adding an exciting element to your undergraduate experience.

    Most importantly, this club is not exclusively for biology majors. Any student who has a desire to investigate the wonder and beauty of the natural world can be an active member.

  • Campus Activities Board

    The Campus Activities Board is a fun organization of enthusiastic and energetic students. Through collaboration, teamwork and dedication, CAB provides entertainment and educational programs to the Colby-Sawyer College community as well as the community at large. LEARN MORE

  • Child Development Club

    The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities to members and others to learn about the educational profession, which will be done through sharing resources such as the experiences of its members, professors and members of the area school systems.

  • Community Service Club

    The purpose of this organization is to involve college students in service to the community. In doing so, the club will not only provide important services but also infuse service as an important part of people's lives.

  • Cross-Cultural Club

    The Cross-Cultural Club is a group of international and American students who are interested in meeting people from other cultures and learning from each other. The club hosts several dinners in homes off campus, attends cultural events and organizes campus activities that expose students to other cultures. Their biggest event is the International Festival.

  • CSC Players

    This organization gives students an opportunity to be involved with theatrical productions on a non-exclusive level (meaning that all students who want to be involved are able to be involved). The CSC Players will provide the campus community with a small-scale theatrical production each year in either the fall or spring semester. The organization provides students with the opportunity to discuss theater with other students who appreciate the performing arts, therefore promoting theater appreciation across campus.

  • Dance Club

    The Colby-Sawyer College Dance Club provides students with the opportunity to further their creative energies through the art form of dance. The fall and spring shows feature a variety of styles and techniques are showcased from classical ballet to hip hop and jazz. Students, alumni and others choreograph the dances.

  • Exercise and Sport Sciences Majors Club

    The Exercise and Sport Sciences Majors Club was created to further enhance the educational development of students who are majoring in Exercise and Sport Sciences (athletic training, exercise science and sports management). The club's mission is to provide opportunities for every student in the major to gain educational experience. This club was initiated to provide experiences such as attending conferences, having speakers and sponsoring functions that interests students in all three areas.

  • Hispanic-Latino Club

    The main goal of this club is to share different Spanish-speaking cultures through dynamic meetings and events. It is not only about learning a new language, initiating conversations or practicing Spanish, but it is also about enjoying a time, discovering and opening our minds, relating ourselves to the diversity of the world.

  • Navigators Christian Fellowship

    The Colby-Sawyer Navigators Christian Fellowship meets weekly for worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship. Other activities include involvement with local churches; attending conferences, concerts, speakers and other events off campus; hosting concerts, speakers and bible studies on campus; and just spending time together for encouragement, support and friendship. The group is affiliated with the international, interdenominational ministry, The Navigators and reflects diverse cultures and backgrounds, all with the goal of growing in faith and following Christ in our daily lives.

  • Philosophy Club

    To think, to ponder, to talk and interact over the philosophical issues that confronted our world in ages past, now and possibly in the future. The club organizes various events that give students, faculty and the occasional guest speaker opportunities to interact and barter ideas on some popular topics on ethics, peace and so much more. The group welcomes new members and visitors at all times. The club feels that to join or not to join is not the question.

  • Planned Parenthood Generation Action

    The purpose of this club is to promote culture, self-reflection and self-awareness among young women. This is a club of women who will work toward common goals such as graduation, engaging with different cultures and adapting to new environments.


    The purpose of this organization is to promote a safe haven for gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual and transgender members of the community. The group hopes to let people know that they can be themselves without fear of harassment or physical violence against them. The organization provides a number of both passive and interactive programs to educate the community about different sexual orientations, homophobia, tolerance and uniting the community.

  • Psychology Club

    The Psychology Club provides an opportunity for those individuals interested in psychology to meet as a group and engage in activities related to the field of psychology.  LEARN MORE

  • Rythmatic

    To inspire those to fulfill their passion, create leadership and confidence, and express themselves through movement.

  • Save the Child Action Network Club (SCAN)

    The Colby-Sawyer Save the Children Action Network Club works with the nonprofit organization Save the Children Action Network and the larger organization Save the Children. Work done by the club members helps the state of New Hampshire to improve early childhood education and help end preventable deaths globally. This includes volunteering time to host and attend events that involve interaction with state officials to make a change at the local and national level.

  • Sociology Club

    The purpose of this club is to meet weekly for members to discuss sociological findings and plan sociology-related events. The goal is to bring awareness of social problems on a local, national and global level to the Colby-Sawyer campus and the New London community as well. The club is open to anyone interested in the aspects of sociology and/or the goals of the club.

  • Student Government Association

    Do you want to be heard on this campus? Do you want to make a difference? Well, the Student Government Association (SGA) is the primary vehicle for all students at Colby-Sawyer to get involved with the governance of the college. Every enrolled student is welcome to participate in the SGA.  LEARN MORE

  • Student Nurses Association

    The purpose of this organization is to lead student nurses to be able to accomplish goals and be to advocates for themselves and others. SNA is also involved with community service and educational projects.

  • Sustainability Core Club

    The purpose of the Sustainability Core Club is to educate and encourage its community members to consider simple, effective lifestyle changes to improve their overall standard of living while positively impacting the present and future health of our planet. Through innovative, cost-effective solutions and public outreach, this organization aims to holistically combat environmental problems. It is the club's goal to make a difference in even the smallest ways.

  • Word Order

    It is out of respect and love for words that the Word Order Club exists. This is a literary group that meets to celebrate the beauty of poetry, prose and all forms of literary construction. Word Order, in conjunction with the college's literary magazine, Solidus, organizes poetry readings, literary competitions and much more. The club is open not only to creative writing majors but also to all curious minds and lovers of words.