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Danforth Hall

Danforth Hall offers accessible suite-style living for upper-year students. A peaceful, tranquil environment, with easy access to the onsite greenhouse, Danforth Hall provides students the opportunity to create cozy, comfortable communities throughout the hall.


The style of suite in Danforth Hall supports individual autonomy as well as the potential to live near groups of friends or teammates. All rooms are carpeted, and gender-neutral. Each suite shares a kitchenette, two single-stall bathrooms, and a common storage area. Suites 60 and 61 are designated as “quiet suites” for students who want an environment that extends beyond the campus quiet hours. Laundry facilities and a common kitchen are on the first floor. Danforth Hall is conveniently located on lower campus near Mercer Hall and Lethbridge Lodge.

Danforth Hall Floor Plan


Danforth Hall is staffed by three resident assistants and an area coordinator who lives in Burpee Hall.


Danforth Hall was built in 2001, and named in 2004 in honor of former trustee Peter Danforth.