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The Wesson Honors Program

The Wesson Honors Program offers intensive academic, cultural and social opportunities for the most motivated and capable Colby-Sawyer students who combine a solid work ethic and natural ability with intellectual curiosity.

Honors classes are taught in small seminar settings and explore topics from multiple perspectives. Program members are committed to taking on leadership roles in a community of scholars and participate as catalysts for inquiry and discussion across the college.

Benefits of the Program:

  • The Idea Fund awards grants each year to support independent student research projects that have included career exploration, testing American teaching methods in China, and organic beekeeping.
  • The Honors Suite on the fourth floor in Colgate Hall provides honors students exclusive access to an airy, colorful space to study and gather 24/7.
  • An even more rigorous learning experience with Honors courses offered every semester in multiple disciplines.
  • Identification and recognition of outstanding intellectual inquiry.
  • Development of each student's leadership in the immediate and extended community.
  • A fostering of intellectual exchange between students, faculty and students, and the college community as a whole.

FAQ about Wesson Honors