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Colby-Sawyer students

LEAP Minor

By completing the courses required for graduation, every undergraduate student at Colby-Sawyer earns a Liberal Education & Professionalization minor (LEAP). The LEAP minor does not require any additional coursework. Instead, it is earned when students complete the general education requirements of the college.

Graduating with a LEAP minor signals to employers, graduate directors and supervisors:

  • That you are ready for employment, advanced study and promotion.
  • It tells them that you have a broad base of knowledge and the ability to analyze, evaluate and apply that knowledge.
  • It says that you can communicate effectively, think critically and succeed in diverse and innovative environments.

These are the skills today’s employers are looking for, especially in fields where interdisciplinary thinking is important, such as technology, healthcare and business. And at Colby-Sawyer, LEAP is built into what we do.

LEAP into your career. LEAP into graduate school. LEAP into leadership. It all starts with the skills you’ll develop with a Colby-Sawyer LEAP minor.

Program Information:

Peter White
Dean for the School of Nursing & Health Sciences

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