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Student Internships

The Sustainability & Innovation Team offers work-study positions for students dedicated to promoting sustainability at Colby-Sawyer College. These individuals work directly with stakeholders on campus and within the community on projects related to energy conservation, waste management, food systems, sustainable policies and guidelines, public outreach, events, data reporting, and research.

2020-21 Team Members

Renee Bolduc '22, Sustainability Assistant

Renee supports the Director of Sustainability & Innovation to implement sustainability and resilience initiatives, conduct research, and submit campus reports.

Bailey Ellis '22, Communications Assistant

Bailey provides support in the development and publication of outreach materials for both the web and print.

Makayla Wilbert ‘23, Sustainability Core President

Makayla oversees the promotion of sustainability on campus directly with students through awareness raising, public events, and policy change recommendations.

Open Positions

Graphic Design Assistant

Develops the overall layout and design for logos, flyers, brochures, and newsletters.

ReChargers Co-Coordinators

Supervises the ReChargers spring move-out and fall re-sale program by overseeing student volunteers who collect, clean, sort, test, price, and distribute reusable materials.

Zero-Sort Recycling Intern

Advocates for environmental sustainability by expanding the school’s Zero-Sort resource reduction, recycling, and composting initiatives.