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Contact Information for Student Complaints

Colby-Sawyer College takes seriously its duty to it students, faculty, staff, and general environment as it relates to the services it provides.

Should a situation arise in which a student feels as though the treatment that they have received does not align with the policies and procedures which are conveyed through the Colby-Sawyer College publications, the college has implemented both policies and procedures for the student to voice complaints with the assurance that the college will respond in a timely manner to best resolve a complaint.

Complaints are to only be submitted by students of Colby-Sawyer College and are an opportunity for a student to voice concerns of treatment that is disparate from the rights, privileges, and policies, which are conveyed through College publications.

Complaints and requests for resolution should begin with the office about which the student has a complaint – the individual or director of that department. If the student feels that does not satisfactorily resolve the matter, the student should then contact the supervisor or vice president of the department in question.  The senior administrators apply an unbiased point of view to dispute resolution while compiling information from any and all mediums that they have access to. These offices should be seen as the last course of action, for disputes that the student was not able to amicably resolve between the student and the supervisor or school dean. If in an effort to resolve a grievance, prior to entering this process, the student may request the name and contact information for the supervisor through these offices.

The Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculty of the college is responsible for grievances that are academic in nature. The college respects the rights and duties of the faculty to design and implement the elements of their applicable classes within the confines of the institutional restraints.  Students cannot appeal grades based on allegations concerning the competence of a faculty member, the fairness of an examination, the difficulty of a course, or other matters of a purely pedagogical nature. A student does maintain the right to appeal a grade that he or she perceives as unwarranted for reasons other than those listed previously, by using the grade appeal procedures located in the College Catalog. 

Grievances relating to non-academic related issues, such as student services, should be directed to the Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students. Complaints may reference, but are not limited to, issues related to housing, student health and wellness activities, and campus security. Complaints about parking should be directed to the Parking Appeals Committee.

Complaints regarding financial services, dining services, and facilities are to be sent in writing to the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

Complaints regarding financial aid are to be sent in writing to the Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid.

Complaints related to discriminatory practices or instances of bias are to be sent to the Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer. Colby-Sawyer College has an online bias reporting tool.

Complaints related to Title IX are to be sent to Colby-Sawyer College’s Title IX Coordinator.

Submission of Complaints to the State of New Hampshire

To file a complaint with the NH Department of Education, Division of Educator Support and Higher Education – Higher Education Commission, you must exhaust all avenues within the college first.  A form to file a complaint with the State is available online.