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Institutional Promises

Colby-Sawyer provides a place-based, holistic, and transformational educational experience that supports the realization of students’ personal and professional potential, while developing in them the knowledge, skills, and awareness to become thoughtful global citizens, and prepares graduates for success in a rapidly changing global environment.

Sense of Place

The town of New London and the surrounding Lake Sunapee Region provide beautiful landscapes and rich history that are located within the traditional ancestral homeland of the Abenaki, Pennacook, and Wabanaki Peoples past and present. Our residential students benefit from the safety and intimacy of our small rural campus and our low student-to-faculty ratio encourages all learners to explore and find their place, and a sense of place, amongst their peers, in their professions, and within whatever communities they call home. As an institution, we commit to preserve and enhance Colby-Sawyer’s sense of place that maximizes the natural resources and beauty of New London and the region.

Personal and Holistic Learning Experience

At the heart of Colby-Sawyer is the individualized educational experience that is made possible by our incredibly committed faculty and a staff that complements the lessons happening in the classroom. Through guided vocational explorations, students begin to discover their life’s work and connect with learning opportunities and personal career paths that are specific to their unique interests and talents. The college offers a dynamic and innovative curriculum, and an experiential Liberal Education Program that allows students to witness first-hand that the interconnected challenges of the world require collaborative, interdisciplinary solutions.

Transformative Education

Our students and alumni speak of finding their voices, hitting their stride, trusting their strengths, accomplishing things they didn’t know they could. We commit to provide a transformative learning environment for students so that they are prepared at graduation not only with skills, but with the confidence and preparation to apply their talents and discover their individual potential to build a better world. Students are given opportunities to evolve and adapt with guidance from faculty and staff who provide both rigor and support as students pursue intellectual inquiry, personal growth, and professional preparation. They gain competency in teamwork and leadership by engaging in curricular and cocurricular activities within the vibrant living-laboratory that is their campus, and in real-life, project-based learning with community partners where they make a difference.