WSCS is a non-commercial educational FM radio station located in New London, NH.

Studio and transmitter are located on the campus of Colby-Sawyer College.

listening tips

WSCS is a non-commercial college radio station providing a wide range of music and programs, which vary from semester to semester. Unlike commercial radio stations, WSCS is staffed by volunteer students, faculty, and community program hosts. WSCS is a lively, in-the-moment radio listening experience that we hope is an exciting alternative to stations that you typically hear.

Our schedule changes semester to semester and also in the summertime. Our hosts play a diversity of music in a freeform style that you will not hear on commercial radio. WSCS often features new indie rock, hard rock, and hip hop but also our hosts play reggae, jazz, blues, classical, folk, country, world, new age, and many other forms of music from the past 100 years of recording history. Our suggestion to listeners is to check our schedule and tune in at different times on different days during the week to discover the shows that you enjoy listening to. Freeform radio is like New Hampshire weather – something for everyone and if you don't like it, wait five minutes and it will change!