WSCS is a non-commercial educational FM radio station located in New London, NH.

Studio and transmitter are located on the campus of Colby-Sawyer College.

student executive board

The student executive board, or e-Board as its known, is a group of students who hold positions and run the station. You do not have to be a communications studies major or minor to be on e-Board.

Current e-Board Members

  • Station Manager: Pat Gamble

  • Program Director: Dan Tomar

  • Publicity and Promotions: Andrew LaFleur

  • Sports: Chris Diego and Pat Gamble

  • Business Manager: Jackie Brambilla

  • Tech Director: Mike Landi

  • Music Director: Chris Diego

  • Music Director: Devin Bender

  • Music Director: Josh Siemons

  • Summer Manager: Fred Moe

  • Faculty Advisor: Hester L. Fuller

We elect a new eBoard at the end of the fall semester. A notice goes out to all DJ's on the staff and you'll be asked if you want to apply for a given position. Even second semester first year students can be elected to e-Board.

To apply you need to show up on election night and state your claim as to why you believe you would be the perfect fit for that particular position.

There are two requirements to being on e-Board

  • Participate in a weekly one hour meeting in the station to discuss daily operations of WSCS. The faculty advisor attends these meetings as well.

  • You have to be prompt when reading and answering e-mails. While eBoard members are required to meet once weekly in the station, e-mails do go out quite frequently so a prompt response is required on those. This becomes particularly important when settling on a time to hold the weekly meeting at the start of each semester.

COM 215: Radio Station Operations Practicum

Now a requirement, COM215 is an incentive for members of e-board to receive academic credit for their work at the radio station.

With instructor, students develop and execute projects supporting programming; legal, regulatory and/or technical aspects of radio station operations at WSCS-FM. Requirements include a signed learning contract by end of the second week and a weekly meeting with instructor. Can be repeated for a total of 6 credits. Offered fall and spring.
Prerequisite: COM 214 or TWO satisfactory semesters as live on-air host, or instructor's permission.

As a member of e-Board, WSCS is your station. You decide how efficiently it runs and it is up to you to be on call if a DJ needs you. This is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Be mindful that your responsibility to eBoard falls on top of your scheduled courses. Consider it an honor to be invited to apply for a position. Not every WSCS DJ is asked.