As a communication studies major I have had the opportunity to explore multiple facets of the field from writing, audio, video, to web design. While taking a gallery course at Colby-Sawyer College I learned what it takes to make a gallery function. From this I became inspired by Colby-Sawyer's art programs and its artists. I decided that for my Communication Studies Capstone Experience I wanted to work with the art department and honor its students and their exceptional work. Loretta Barnett served as a mentor for this project as she encouraged my idea and helped progress it to this webpage format. Colby-Sawyer's own Greg Danilowski was one of the most important figures in this process as he helped me achieve things in the development of this page that would not have been possible with out his knowledge and patience. Greg and I met constantly to further this project to what it is today. I hope that this webpage will give each senior art student the opportunity to showcase their talent and that it will serve as an online gallery for others to explore who each individual is as an artist.

Thank you to Greg Danilowski for your web design skills and the time, patience and effort you put into this website.

Thank you Donna Berghorn for pushing me to do my best work and keeping me on track through out this whole process.

Special thanks to those who this page would not be possible without:

Ambrose Metzegen "MB"
Loretta Barnett
Nicholas Gaffney
Kameron Mertz
Lauren Pearsall (Photographer of all student triptych portraits)
Chris Diego (Videographer)
Monique Fontaine (Photographer of all student traditional portraits)
and of course, the Colby-Sawyer College Art Majors, Class of 2012

This project has been an important learning experience for me and I know that I will carry this knowledge with me in my future endeavors,

Hailey Malone
Communication Studies Major
Class of 2012

"I wanted my video to be created by a student about students. I think it is a great depiction of how students really feel about the arts here at Colby-Sawyer. My hope was that it would be engaging and educational at the same time so that it may appeal to prospective students or those with undecided majors.

I am both a Communications Studies Major and a Studio Art Major with a concentration in drawing. I think this project was a perfect blend of both my skills. In the video I am showcased doing the intro painting of Colgate Hall and I am also doing a drawing of one of my interviewees. I have always viewed video production as a form of art, so I treated this project like it was one. On one hand it is an education/promotional video but on the other, it is a piece that should be viewed as a form of art.

Thank you all for viewing and supporting the arts."

- Chris Diego
CSC Class of 2012