other interests

Lynn on gannet


Research on Common Eiders and other seabirds involves traveling to remote islands in places like Maine and Finland. These environments are not only suited to studying plants and animals of extreme environments, but are also beautiful. Thus my research interests are combined with my love of sailing and the ocean. We have a 30 foot fiberglass Pearson Coaster sailboat that plies the coast of Maine from Penobscot Bay to the border of Canada.

Ski Racing

Coaching on weekends has allowed me to re-enter the world of ski racing and reconnect with competitors from my college days. Coaching combines my interests in teaching, the science of turns, and being outdoors in the winter. I coach the high school program for Ford Sayre Academy in Hanover, NH. My athletes are high school age and usually train one weekend day and race in a New Hampshire race the other. New Hampshire races and results are available at the NHARA Web site.

The same techniques that I use to teach intellectual skills at Colby-Sawyer apply to physical and psychological skills used in ski racing. Also, the new shape of skis with exaggerated side-cut make the pure carved turn used in ski racing a result of laws of physics. Pondering the ideal side cut, ski length, and stiffness for slalom or giant slalom turns makes an interesting mathematical exercise. My ski racing friend from college, Chris Brown, makes this part of his research at Wooster Polytechnic Institute. Find out more at his Web site. Chris Brown's website

Other Things I Do

  • Cross country ski racing (skating)
  • Biking, on a road bike and a mountain bike
  • Making maple syrup
  • Raising sheep
  • Hiking