office of residential education

How Much Space Will I Have?

  • Students should expect to share closet space. Most of our rooms have fewer closets than residents. We expect all residents of the room to compromise on the fair distribution of closet space.
  • Because storage space is limited, we encourage students to bring with them only the things they will need for the given season, if they plan to go home before the start of the next season. Most students don't need the same things in September that they do in December, and it is in their best interest to bring things back to school with them after they've taken some things home.
  • We also encourage students not to bring additional furniture (bookcases, futons, etc.) with them, as they are likely to find that they will not have space for it. All students are provided with a desk, desk chair, dresser, and bed. For most students, this is enough.
  • Some residence hall rooms have older furniture and some have a mix of newer and older furniture. The older furniture is sturdy and functional and any issues with it are purely cosmetic. We find that students are typically satisfied with the older furniture. Though we upgrade furniture on a regular basis, students report that they would prefer to have resources expended on upgrades like enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, renovations to kitchen areas, and installation of larger flat-screen TVs in common areas – upgrades which have all happened recently or are in progress.