danforth hall

Looking for a place to get work done and socialize? Find it all in Danforth. Our newest hall on campus allows students to find the piece of mind they're looking for but also to be able to reach out and connect with other students. The hall is spacious and offers a spectacular view of the wetlands, surrounding mountains and sports fields.


Danforth Hall houses students in 10 suites. Suites are either co-ed or all female. Suites 60 and 61 are Quiet Suites, a designated space for students who want a quiet environment that extends beyond the designated quiet hours for the campus. Each suite features a kitchenette, two bathrooms and a storage area. Danforth is an accessible building and has an elevator.


Danforth Hall is staffed by one Resident Director and three Resident Assistants.


Danforth Hall was built in 2001, and named in 2004 in honor of former trustee Peter Danforth. It is the newest residence hall in the Colby-Sawyer College community.