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Mid-Year Housing Changes, Fall 2014
Important End of Semester Housing Information

As we approach the end of the semester, housing changes will occur for many of you. In most cases, you will know that you (or your roommate) are planning to leave campus housing or intend to make a room change for next semester and can plan in advance. Other times, circumstances change and you may find that you need to leave campus housing, or that your roommate has left and you are going to be assigned a new roommate.

The information below outlines what you should do if you find yourself in any of these circumstances.

If you are planning to leave campus housing at the end of the semester (graduation, study away, withdrawal, etc.)

To check out of your room, please take the following steps:

  • Plan to check out within 24 hours after your last exam, or by Friday, December 19 at 7:00pm, whichever comes first;
  • Contact your Area Coordinator (AC) or Resident Assistant (RA) to pick up an EXPRESS check out envelope;
  • On the EXPRESS check out envelope, you must identify any damage you are responsible for in the room, sign the form, and return the envelope with your key enclosed to a member of the Residential Education staff, at the Residential Education office located on the 1st floor of the Ware Student Center, or at the Campus Safety office in James House;
  • If you are withdrawing from the college, please place your college ID in the envelope with your key;
  • Please be advised that once you have moved out, a ResEd staff member will go back into the room after all of your belongings have been removed to do a final assessment of any damage in the room;
  • Any space vacated must be left in reasonable “move in” condition for the next occupant! Failure to do so may result in Housekeeping being asked to clean the space, with the charges for any excessive cleaning that may be required passed on to the student(s) responsible;
  • Return your key to a staff member before you leave campus. If you need to send the key from home, please place in a in a bubble wrap envelope and mail directly to Colby-Sawyer College, ATTN: Residential Education, 541 Main Street, New London, NH 03257. There will be a charge for any keys not received by Friday, January 9, 2015.

As you might expect, you may be contacted by a student who will be moving into the space in your room for the spring semester. If contacted, please let this person know when you will be moving out so that he or she can plan accordingly to move his or her belongings into the room. Please do not feel pressured by any requests to move in belongings while you are still studying for finals. If a student needs to leave before you are leaving, the Residential Education staff will help them find an appropriate storage area for their belongings.

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If you are moving out of campus housing anytime between December 19 and January 19 (change of plans, dismissal, etc.)

Please contact Karin Berthiaume, assistant director of Residential Education at to make arrangements to check out of your room and return your key (please refer to details listed above). Please be sure to leave your key with a Res Ed staff member or Campus Safety prior to your departure.

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If you find yourself with an Open Space in your room (currently, anticipated, or due to unforeseen circumstances)

To accommodate the number of students entering campus housing at mid-year, it is likely that another student will be assigned to the Open Space in your room. While we do our best to notify you of this assignment in advance, you may learn of your new roommate shortly before your return to campus in January. Notifications will be made via email to your Colby-Sawyer email address.

If you find yourself with an Open Space in your room, please take a few moments to become familiar with the Residential Education policies regarding your responsibilities in the room change process. These policies include keeping full set(s) of furniture empty and available and creating a welcoming environment for a prospective roommate. Please be advised that if you do not prepare your room in advance, we will move your belongings and/or request Housekeeping to clean the space during the winter recess. Further details can be found at the Residential Education Services and Policies page on the college website:

Open Spaces will be filled by the Office of Residential Education through the use of the Residence online Housing Survey. These placements will be made over the winter recess, and our office will notify you of the assignment and the contact information for your new roommate as placements are made. If you would like to pull someone into the Open Space, or move to a different room yourself, you may do so by contacting Karin Berthiaume, assistant director of Residential Education at

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If you are requesting to move out of your current room and into a different room for the Spring Semester

Please take the following steps:

  1. The roommate(s) pulling a new roommate into an open space should email Karin Berthiaume at to confirm that they are in agreement with the move;
  2. The person moving should contact Karin to arrange a time to start the room change process.

In order for this move to be official, you must move your belongings before you leave for the semester, so that we can prepare your current space for a new resident. Please understand that if you do not vacate your current space before you leave, we may not be able to honor your request to change rooms. You are encouraged to contact the current resident of the room to find out when s/he is moving out and to arrange a time for you to move your belongings in. If you need to leave for the semester before that person is leaving, please contact your AC so that we can identify a place on campus for you to store your belongings until January.

To check out of your current room, please follow the steps listed above, including the return of the key to your current room to Residential Education or Campus Safety before you leave campus.

When you return in January, you will be issued a key to your new room. Please check in at Wheeler Hall in the Ware Campus Center between 9:00am and Noon to pick up your key when you return to campus on Monday, January 19, 2015. If you are an early arrival student, please make arrangements with Residential Education in advance to pick up your key upon your return to campus.

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Please contact your RA, AC, or email Karin Berthiaume at
Residents of the off-campus apartments and duplexes: please contact Julie Crisafi Lynch at