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Requests to Break Housing Contracts at Mid-Year

Before taking occupancy, all students sign a Room Lease and Board contract (available here). This contract is for the entire academic year, ending the day of the student's last exam in the spring semester or sooner, if a student withdraws from the college.

Under most circumstances, students may not break their contracts early. Though they are billed for one semester at a time, they are contractually obligated to pay for both semesters of housing. If they choose to live elsewhere at any time, they will continue to be billed for on-campus housing.

Under rare circumstances, a student can request permission to break the housing contract for the spring semester. Typically, those circumstances are:

  • The student is completing an approved internship for the spring semester that is not within commuting distance from the college and is not taking classes on campus for the semester.
  • The student has a medical or psychological concern for which the college cannot provide appropriate on-campus housing accommodations. Please note that these exceptions are rare. Students in this category must complete the Application for Disability Housing and provide appropriate documentation, which will be reviewed by the staff at Access Resources. If the request is approved by Access Resources, the student's contract will be cancelled without penalty.

Requests to break the housing contract will not be approved on the basis of:

  • Personal preference for living off campus
  • Contact Residential Education to discuss moving to a different on-campus location.
  • Roommate conflict
  • Contact Residential Education to discuss room/roommate options.
  • Dissatisfaction with the meal plan
  • Contact Sodexo Dining to discuss your concerns about food.
  • Cost savings
  • Contact Financial Aid or Student Financial Services to discuss concerns about your ability to pay.


If your request falls under an approved category, please click here to submit your official request.

Adjustments for Off-Campus Residency

Students are required to live on-campus for at least the first two years. Initial financial funding is calculated based on full-time enrollment and on-campus residency. Institutional grant funds will be reduced by $5,000 for students approved to live off-campus in future years.