colby hall

Looking for a small, tight group of friends? Then Colby Hall is a great housing option. The residents may be spread out over three floors, but a tight, comfortable community exists here. This hall tends to be laid back with plenty of laughter and social activities.


Colby Hall houses new and returning students.

The ground and second floors are co-ed by room, and the first and third floors are all female. There is a lounge on the first floor, and kitchen and laundry on the ground floor. Colby is located between McKean and Page Halls with easy access to the quad and the Sawyer Center.


This hall is under the direction of a Resident Director who lives in Best Hall. Two Resident Assistants live in Colby.


Colby Hall honors the Colby family, which has long been associated with the college. Colby Hall was dedicated by one of the 11 founders of the Academy, the 19th-century New Hampshire governor Anthony Colby, to his daughter Susan, the first teacher and principal of the Academy, and to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colby and their children, Jessie, William and Mary.