austin hall

Austin residents, many of whom are upperclassmen, love the large rooms with built-in bureaus and other features. There is always something going on in the evenings, whether planned by the Resident Director, RA, or the students themselves.


Austin Hall's residents live in singles, doubles, triples, quads, and quints. The basement is co-ed, the first floor is all male, and the second floor all female.


Austin Hall is part of the Austin/Burpee complex under the direction of a Resident Director who lives in Burpee Hall. The Resident Director's office is in Austin Hall. Two Resident Assistants live in Austin.


The building was constructed in 1927 to serve as a gymnasium and physical education center. In 1965, it was renovated and turned into a residence for 33 students. The hall was named in honor of Dr. Eugene M. Austin, president of the college from 1955 to 1962.