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Comprehensive Fee

The 2015-2016 comprehensive fee for a resident student is $51,610.

The 2015-2016 tuition is $38,610.

The 2015-2016 per credit hour fee is $1,287.

Summer 2015 courses are $300 per credit hour.

Summer internships are $300.

Tuition Due Dates

Summer Sessions

  • Session 011 is due May 1, 2015. 100% refund before May 23.

  • Session 201 is due May 1, 2015. 100% refund before May 28.

  • Internships are due May 1, 2015.

Fall Semester

  • Entering/Transfer student tuition payment is due July 15, 2015. Please note the $500 enrollment deposit does not reduce college tuition.

  • Returning student tuition payment is due August 1, 2015.

Spring Semester

  • Spring semester tuition is due December 1, 2015.

Tuition Payment Options

  • Online credit card or electronic check payments.

  • Checks made payable to: Colby-Sawyer College and mailed to Financial Services, 541 Main Street, New London, NH 03257. Please reference the student ID number.

  • Wire Transfer Payments Please contact our office at

  • Loans

  • Monthly Payment Plan - Tuition Management Systems
    Paying monthly helps you manage your educational costs using savings and current income. Living Sustainably: Sign up for e-bills and automatic payments from your checking or savings account. Contact TMS at 1-800-722-4867 or visit them on the web at

  • Veterans and Military Service Members Please contact our office at

Billing Statements

Living Sustainably: Tuition bills are viewed and may be paid online in Power Campus Self Service.

Payment Terms

Payment in full by cash, check, bank wire transfer, notification of approved federal and private loans, or enrollment in the Tuition Management Systems payment plan must be completed before a student may move into a residence hall or complete online or in class registration. Students who do not meet these payment terms may be withdrawn from the college.

Grades, transcripts, and diplomas will not be released until all obligations are paid in full. Students with unpaid balances as of noon on the last day of final exams before graduation are not eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Accounts with unpaid balances after withdrawal or graduation of more than 30 days past due will be assessed a 1.5 percent per month finance charge. In addition, the college reserves the right to assign unpaid accounts to an outside agency and to take legal action. The student will be financially responsible for any additional costs incurred such as collection fees and court costs.


Refunds will be issued on a credit balance statement only. All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to the Financial Services Office. Refunds will be handled through the Accounts Payable office at the college. Please allow 2 weeks from date of request for processing.

  • Loan and Scholarship Checks
    Loan and outside scholarship checks that are co-payable to the student and the college will be credited to the student's account. No refund will be made until such time as the student's account shows a credit balance. Students are advised to plan living and book expenses accordingly.

  • Tuition, Room, and Board Refunds for Withdrawal
    If a student withdraws during the semester, the college will calculate a refund based on both college policy and federal law. The following information should be used as a guideline. To determine the refund on your individual college bill, please contact the Financial Services Office. The refund of the college's institutional grants and tuition, room and board will be based on the following.

Time of Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Refund Due
Prior to the first day of classes 100%
During the first 2 weeks of classes 80%
During the third week of classes 60%
During the forth week of classes 40%
During the fifth week of classes 20%
After the fifth week of classes 0

Registrar's Office will determine the official date of withdrawal or leave of absences.

No refunds for tuition, fees, or housing are given for administrative withdrawals such as, but not limited to, disciplinary action that results in the suspension or expulsion of a student.

Tuition Refund Insurance

GradGuard™ is an optional insurance program to help refund tuition, fees, and room/board charges, up to the annual policy limits, if a student is unable to complete the semester due to medical reasons. This insurance program complements and enhances Colby-Sawyer's refund policy, allowing students to receive up to 100% refund for a covered medical withdrawal.

For more information visit or call 888-541-4843.

Federal Law

When a student who was disbursed federal financial aid withdraws from the college during the semester, the college is required to calculate if any portion of the student's federal aid must be returned back to the federal program from which it was disbursed. This may mean that the student will now owe the college money. Students are strongly urged to contact the Financial Services Office before they withdraw.

SmartCard Account

For information, click SmartCard or contact the Financial Services Office ~ (603)526-3454 or email:

Local Banks

Students are encouraged to consider opening an account at a local bank.

New London banks are:

ATM An Automatic Teller Machine, serviced by Lake Sunapee Bank, is located in the Dan and Kathleen Hogan Sports Center.