Nursing and Public Health majors learn from experienced faculty members with expertise in ethics, healthcare, human resource management, management, nursing, organizational behavior, and more.

Susan A. Reeves, EdD, RN

Associate Professor and Chair, Nursing and Public Health
Associate Academic Dean for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Partnership Program
The Gladys A. Burrows Distinguished Professor of Nursing
(603) 526-3795 | sreeves@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined faculty as its department chair and director in 2007. Nurse Administrator at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center for 17 years. 1980 graduate of Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital of Nursing. 1988 Graduate of Colby-Sawyer College Nursing Program. M.S. from University of New Hampshire and a 2010 graduate of the doctor of education program at University of Vermont, with a concentration in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

Amanda B. Fay, RN, MSN

Assistant Professor, Nursing & Public Health
(603) 526-1897 | amanda.fay@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined the faculty in 2013. MSNed, from Walden University. Professor Fay has varied experiences in point of care nursing, clinical nursing education, and nurse leadership in the acute care setting. She has also delved into health coaching, telenursing, camp nursing, and travel nursing in her thirteen years as a registered nurse. She is currently teaching the clinical experience for nursing students and will be focusing on nursing studies in the upcoming semester.

Her interests are interdispinary and she creates an atmosphere that engages the learner in a metatheoretical approach to develop students and create nurses who are prepared to care for the complexity of client care in a dynamic healthcare environment.

Shari L. Goldberg, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Nursing & Public Health
(603) 526-3995 | sgoldberg@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined the faculty in 2002. Teaches the senior nursing capstone courses, community and public health nursing, and the introduction to public health. Appointed to the State of N.H. Public Health Improvement Services Council. Participates in a national effort aimed at integrating public health into undergraduate liberal arts education. The 2009-2010 recipient of the policy research fellowship at George Mason University's Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics.

Joan M. Huber, MS, RN-BC, CNE

Assistant Professor, Nursing & Public Health
(603) 526-3795 | jhuber@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined faculty in 2001. B.S.N. from Villanova University; M.S. from University of California San Francisco as a Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist. Professor Huber teaches courses in Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Preparation for Professional Nursing Boards and Healthcare Vocabulary. In addition, she teaches courses for nurses returning to the profession. Professor Huber comes to education after a career in the military that included a variety of nursing roles, as well as hospital and healthcare administration in the US and abroad.

She is especially interested in the connection between cellular disruption and symptomotology in various disease entities, and the rapidly changing field of immune manipulation therapy.

Judith A. Joy, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Nursing & Public Health
(603) 526-3038 | jjoy@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined the faculty in 2005. Teaches the senior nursing capstone courses, community-based nursing, nursing research, and participates in the liberal education pathway program. Dr. Joy also teaches in the Public Health program. Active in the NH Nurses' Association she has been Chairperson of the Government Affairs Commission for the past three years and was recently elected President-Elect of the Association. Dr. Joy frequently presents health related testimony before the NH Legislature on behalf of the nurses and citizens of NH.

Joan G. Loftus, DNP, RN

Assistant Professor, Nursing & Public Health
(603) 526-3656 | jloftus@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined faculty in 2008. B.S.N. from Wilkes College, Wilkes-Barre, PA in 1985, M.S.N. with a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner certification from Georgetown University, Washington, DC in 1992. Professor Loftus teaches Introduction to Professional Nursing, Nursing Fundamentals and Health Assessment, and the clinical component of the Medical-Surgical nursing courses.

Peter A. Nolette, RN, BSN, MBA, CWCN, CFCN

Assistant Professor, Nursing & Public Health
(603) 526-3043 | peter.nolette@colby-sawyer.edu

Nolette earned a Diploma in Nursing from Mary Hitchcock School of Nursing; a B.S. in Nursing from Norwich University; and an M.B.A. from Franklin Pierce College.

Nolette is a certified wound care nurse and a certified foot care nurse. Employed at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center since 1977, minus a two-year hiatus when he was a staff nurse at Fairfax Hospital in Virginia, Nolette has held a variety of nursing and administrative positions at DHMC and was most recently a wound care nurse.

Mary R. Scott, MSN, APRN, AOCN

Assistant Professor, Nursing & Public Health
(603) 526-3637 | mscott@colby-sawyer.edu

Scott earned an Associate of Science in Nursing from NHTI-Concord; a B.S. in Nursing from UNH; a M.S. in Nursing/Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions; and an Adult Nurse Practitioner Post Masters Certification from UNH.

In addition to three and a half decades of oncology nursing experience, Scott brings the extra dimensions of multiple publications, presentations and teaching experience to the classroom. She has practiced at Catholic Medical Center, Kingsbury Center for Cancer Care at The Cheshire Medical Center, Valley Regional Hospital, Weeks Memorial Hospital, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, North Country Hospital, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, Frisbie Memorial Hospital, Norris Cotton Cancer Center-North and Norris Cotton Cancer Center at DHMC (where she was the 2005 Advanced Practice Nurse of the Year, Excellence in Leadership), and New London Hospital Physician Practices.

Renee M. Vebell, MA, RN

Assistant Professor, Learning Lab Resource Specialist, Nursing & Public Health
(603) 526-3731 | rvebell@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined faculty in 2001. B.S. from Skidmore College; M.A. from New York University. Learning Lab Resource Specialist since 2007.

Lisa E. Wilson, MS, RN

Assistant Professor, Nursing & Public Health
(603) 526-3642 | lwilson@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined the faculty in 2009, Masters of Science in Nursing University of New Hampshire, Ph.D in Nursing Education in progress Capella University. Professor Wilson's approach to education is learner centered. She recognizes that no single way of teaching will reach all students and no single method of teaching is the best way to teach. But by creating a tapestry of teaching techniques blending old and new, a teacher can provide a colorful, exciting environment for cultivating new nursing minds.


Adjunct Assistant Professors

Arianna M. Anton '11, RN, BS

(603) 526-3795 | arianna.anton@colby-sawyer.edu

Kimberly A. Boulanger, MSN, RNC-OB

(603) 526-3795 | kimberly.boulanger@colby-sawyer.edu

Patricia K. Day, MSN, RN

(603) 526-3795 | patricia.day@colby-sawyer.edu

Jennifer R. Holl, MSN, RN

(603) 526-3795 | jennifer.r.holl@colby-sawyer.edu

Christoper E. Killam, MSN, RN

(603) 526-3795 | christoper.killam@colby-sawyer.edu

Sonya R. Kuykendall, MSN, RN

(603) 526-3795 | sonya.kuykendall@colby-sawyer.edu

Jillian R. Miller, RN, MSNed, CPAN

(603) 526-3795 | jmiller@colby-sawyer.edu

Mary E. Moran, APRN, MSN, NEA-BC

(603) 526-3795 | mmoran@colby-sawyer.edu

Tracia L. O'Shana, MSN, APRN

(603) 526-3795 | toshana@colby-sawyer.edu

Sally K. Patton, RN, MS

(603) 526-3795 | sally.patton@colby-sawyer.edu

Kathleen M. Tennent, RN, MPH

(603) 526-3795 | katie.tennent@colby-sawyer.edu