New Hampshire Women's Caucus

Sponsors and Donors for the New Hampshire Women’s Caucus

We wish to express deep gratitude to our sponsors and donors for their generous support of the New Hampshire Women’s Caucus, and for their strong belief that investments in the education, health, and economic potential of women improves not only the lives of these women and their families, but has the power to generate long-term benefits for their communities and for society in general.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton — $25,000 and above

  • Anonymous

Soujourner Truth — $5,000 to $24,999

  • Anonymous

Susan Colby — $1000 to $4999

  • Adventures in Learning
  • Ledyard Bank
  • Women’s Fund of New Hampshire
  • Rosalie Wyman
  • White Pine Ridge Fund
  • Rockwell’s at the Inn


  • Claudia Damon
  • Natalie Davis
  • Ann LeBourdais
  • Kathleen A. Liptak
  • Sally Rutter
  • Suellen Solomon
  • Susan Wright
  • Susan Galligan
  • Natalie Davis
  • Claudia Damon
  • Debbie Cromwell

Host Sponsor

  • Colby-Sawyer College
Adventures in Learning

Ledyard Bank

Women's Fund of New Hampshire

Rockwell’s at the Inn

Individuals, businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring the New Hampshire Women’s Caucus should contact the Office of Advancement at Colby-Sawyer College and speak to Kathleen Horten at (603) 526-3426. You may also choose to sponsor a student or other individuals who would like to attend the event but cannot afford to through the caucus registration process.