My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“My students are always kind of surprised to learn about what they have missed, what they haven't been paying attention to all their lives.”
Natural Sciences Professor Laura Alexander


Hope within the Grey

My eyes take in the grey,
Metal bars that climb to the sky
A sky which is grey to match,
It is not dull just intimidating,
I wander, fearful of the unfamiliar setting,
Pondering as I gaze up at the climbing bars, that reach for the colorless heavens,
Is there no one else in this caged landscape?
No one to view the grey?
To make this frightening mass of metal,
Into an example of architecture and song,
Intertwined with neutral tones,
I keep a distance from the climbing metal stairway
It glares over me like an omnipresent god.
But as I watch the unmoving steel bars,
A burst of warm color is born from the unchanging background,
Swirling and designing atop a canvas of grey and steel,
Dying the sky a warm ochre yellow, the bars no longer menacing,
But beautifully shining against a complementary atmosphere.
The bars no longer scowl but give a gentle motherly smile,
Warming from within.

-Jenny By

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