connecting your P: drive

All students, staff, and faculty are provided with a file storage folder on the network. We call this the "P: Drive". When logged on to any college-owned computer, the P: drive is automatically connected and found in Computer in the Start menu. P: drive contents live on servers which are backed up weekly.

The instructions below are for computers connected on campus, and not from the internet. Please see bottom of page for off-campus access via internet.

For Windows computers we provide a utility to make this connection fast and easy. (Macintosh users please click here.)

Select, right-click, and copy the following line of text:


In Vista/Windows 7 Start menu, right-click and paste the text into the Search window and press Enter. Windows XP click Start, Run, right-click and paste text then click OK.

If you see a password challenge window, type COLBYS\your user name (that is a backward slash between COLBYS and user name) and your password.

Drag the file called "cscdrivemap.exe" to the desktop so that it can be easily found and used again. Double click the file, enter your college user ID and password, then click the large button underneath the name and password boxes.

When the mapping connection is successful an icon for the P: and X: drives will be found in the Computer (Vista Start menu) or My Computer (XP Start menu). You may need to re-enter your user ID and password after restarting the computer.

Accessing your P: drive from the internet: Please click here for instructions on using the Juniper access gateway.

Please call the Helpdesk at 3800 with any questions.