Microsoft Office Licensing

We are pleased to announce that Colby-Sawyer students can now download and install MS Office Suite from an online service, Kivuto, with whom we have contracted. We have provided them with your Colby-Sawyer email username as proof that you are a current student. You received an email to your Colby-Sawyer email address with a link to their site. You will be asked to register at their site and create a password for that site. If you can not locate that email you can go to and sign in. Once you sign in with your Colby-Sawyer email address an email will be sent to you which will allow you to register.

Once registered, follow the directions for downloading MS Office Suite. You have one free download and installation (Mac or Windows) allowed per student. Other academically priced software is also offered that you might find of interest.

The site also provides support if you have problems downloading or installing the software. Consequently, we ask that you contact them for support as the Colby-Sawyer Help Desk will no longer be installing this software as a service.