Colby-Sawyer College is pleased to announce the introduction of its new ‘Helpdesk’ from HelpSTAR™. To improve our ability to assist users across campus with their technical issues, the Information Resources Department has implemented special software designed to track, monitor, and communicate about service requests. Students, Faculty and Staff are invited to direct all IR service requests through Helpdesk. (If you are a staff member and your department has an Operations Manager you are encouraged to involve the Operations Manager in your technical issues prior to submitting your own service request, where it is appropriate.)

The new Helpdesk Office is located on the entry level of the Susan Colgate Cleveland Library/Learning Center, operated by the Helpdesk staff Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. In addition we will be piloting extended evening hours starting with the Spring 2008 semester. Stop by with your technical issues or use the following guidelines to place your service request through email, web, or telephone. The following guidelines will step you through the process of initiating Helpdesk service requests.


Helpdesk User Guidelines in Brief

Opening a Helpdesk Ticket

Service requests ("tickets") can be generated three different ways:

  •  ON CAMPUS ONLY: Logon to Helpdesk software with a web browser and create a service request by going to the URL http://helpdesk from any computer. The URL can also be found under the Web Gateways section of the Colby-Sawyer College website. Use your Colby-Sawyer username and the initial password ‘helpstar’.
  • Email using your Colby-Sawyer email account. This will automatically create a service request in the Helpdesk system. Helpdesk only accepts messages from Colby-Sawyer email accounts.
  • Call extension 3800 to speak to our Helpdesk staff or leave a voice mail message. A service request will be created by the Helpdesk staff in response to your call. Since we have only one incoming line, your message will likely go to voicemail, but we will check messages regularly.

Helpdesk User Guidelines in Detail 

  • Logon to Helpdesk

While on campus, point your web browser to http://helpdesk. This will only work while you are connected to the Colby-Sawyer College network.


At the login screen type your Colby-Sawyer username and use the initial password ‘helpstar’. Please change this password using instructions that follow. If you forgot your password, click on ‘Forgot your password?’ and enter your email address as prompted. You will receive your password via email.



Helpdesk Web Interface

The options available once you logon to Helpdesk are:

  • Generate a New Request,
  • Search Knowledge Base  Articles,
  • View Current Requests, and more.

To generate a service request click on the ‘New Request’ button.



New Requests

 Click on the Category drop down and choose ‘Select a Category’ then choose ‘New Request’.  Next, select the Urgency of the issue.  Then, type in a Request Title that is descriptive of the issue you are experiencing.  In the Memo box, type a description of the problem (the more detailed information here the better).


Finally, click ‘Save’ and your request will be logged and the screen will display a service request reference number.

Select ‘OK’ and you will be back to your Helpdesk homepage.



Changing Your Password
 To change your password click on the tab ‘Account Info’ then type in your new password in the ‘Password’ box and retype it in the ‘Confirm Password’ box and click on ‘Save’.  We recommend that you change your password from the default of ‘helpstar’ to your Colby-Sawyer password so you will be able to remember it easily.

Checking Current Requests
It is very easy to check the status of a request. When you logon to Helpdesk all your requests show up on your home page at the bottom under ‘Current Requests’. You can see any open requests with the date and status.

Click on the request number or title to open it up and display the request detail.


Here you can see the progress of your request with the notes and times of the updates.  Once the problem is resolved or the issue has been addressed you will no longer see it under ‘Current Requests’. You will receive an automated email message after your request is completed. You can also see the full history of all of your requests in the web interface by clicking on the ‘All Requests’ link that appears on the bottom of your homepage. When you are finished using this software click on ‘Logoff’ in the upper right corner.

  •  Email Helpdesk

To email Helpdesk use your Colby-Sawyer email account to send a message to This will generate a service request automatically. Please be sure to title the email with a brief description of the issue you are experiencing. In the body of your email enter as much information as needed to describe your issue. You will get an automated response with your service request reference number. You will also be able to check on-line the status of service requests entered this way.
Emails from non-Colby-Sawyer email accounts (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) generate an automatic reply that the email address was not found and to call extension 3800 or email your request from your Colby-Sawyer email account.

  • Call Extension 3800

You can call Helpdesk by dialing extension 3800 and the Helpdesk staff will take your call and generate a service request. If it can be done quickly the Helpdesk staff will try to solve your issue over the phone. If you do not reach a live person, please leave a detailed message of your problem and your name and phone number. Service requests will be generated from all calls to the Helpdesk taken in person or from voice mail. These service requests will also be available for you to check online.

Colby Sawyer College is using this new Helpdesk resource to better serve you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or feedback any time.