Information Resources

Message from the Director of Information Resources

Information Resources at Colby-Sawyer combines the expertise of staff from both the Library and Information Technology areas. This blending of staff skills best supports the needs of today's students and faculty. We are committed to providing an information-rich and technologically sophisticated environment that focuses on the objectives and mission of the institution.

I am fortunate to have dedicated colleagues who believe this and whose daily efforts clearly demonstrate this commitment.

Kenneth Kochien
Director of Information Technology

Positions Contact
Help Desk 603.526.3800
Director, Information Resources Kenneth Kochien
Office Manager
Liz LaBelle
Network/System Adminstrator
Mark Brook
Technology Specialist
David Levine
Assistant Director Information Resources - IT David Blaisdell
Systems Administrator Art Grodan
Business Process Analyst
Angela Gosselin
Applications Analyst
Jodi Bonewald
Instructional Technology Administrator
Victoria Tilton
College Librarian
Carrie Thomas
Library Acquisitions Nancy Langley
Kelli Bogan
Reference Librarian/Cataloger Sondra VanderPloeg
Library Research Consultant Elizabeth Krajewski
Library Research Consultant Erica Webb
Electronic Resources Coordinator Nancy Kingsley
Information Commons Coordinator Jim Hanlon
Information Commons & Business Analyst Susan Azodi
Information Commons Shift Leader Noelle Bassi
Information Commons Assistant Judi Ferreira
Information Commons Assistant Molly MacNaughton
Information Commons Assistant Catherine O'Brian