Web Gateways

System Status Updates:
VDI has been restored. We are working to ensure all other campus systems are online. If you are aware of an issue, please notify the help desk at extension 3800
Maintenance Thursday
Systems may be unavailable from approximately 10:00pm to 4:00am every Thursday.
Computing Resources
Tech support, new computer recommendations, software downloads and policies
Helpdesk Login
Helpdesk Web Interface for on-campus only. More information available at myHelpDesk. If you need to reach the Helpdesk, please phone: 603.526.3800 or e-mail helpdesk@colby-sawyer.edu
New Student Account Setup
Step by step instructions for new students.
Password/Login Help
Cannot login to PowerCampus, Moodle, or expired password: Instructions
Enroll into Self Service Reset Password System: Instructions
myDesktop(VDI) for Faculty, Staff and Students
Remote access to your virtual desktop: Instructions
Access to College portal: Instructions
Learning Management System for Students and Faculty. Student Electronic Portfolios
PowerCAMPUS Self-Service
Course Registration,Course Catalog,etc.
Student Email - Office 365
Official College Student email system.
Faculty-Staff Email (Web)
Official College Faculty/Staff email system.
Faculty-Staff Email Spam Filter
Manage email spam filter using FuseMail: Instructions
Make a deposit on the College's SmartCard
Laptop Printing
Print from your own computer; available on campus only: Instructions
Juniper Network
Notification: Juniper service will be discontinued as of May 24th, 2015. Please use VDI to access you P:drive or otther Colby-Sawyer online resources.
Faculty and Staff Services
Smart Classrooms and Computer Labs
Argos Reports
Campus reporting tool - Must access via VDI if off campus Instructions
Moodle Archive
Moodle 1.9 archived sites.
Colby-Sawyer web editing system