philosophy faculty

Craig Greenman

Associate Professor, Humanities
(603) 526-3357 |

Joined the faculty in 2004. He earned a Ph.D. from the Loyola University of Chicago in 2002. Professor Greenman's teaching and research interests are grounded in contemporary continental philosophy and the history of philosophy, and include aesthetics, social and political philosophy, and applied and social ethics.

Rachel Fredericks

Assistant Professor, Humanities
(603) 359-3422 |

Professor Fredericks joined the faculty in 2013 with a PhD and MA in philosophy from the University of Washington and a BA in philosophy from Reed College. She teaches courses in philosophy, focusing primarily in the various subfields of ethics, though she also enjoys teaching about philosophies of feminism (and their relation to philosophies of race, class, and so on), philosophy of mind, and ancient philosophy. Her research specialty is in moral psychology, and specifically the moral significance of emotions and interpersonal relationships such as friendship. | web site

Christopher La Barbera

Adjunct Online Professor, Humanities

Joined faculty in 2008. Ph.D. and M.S. from Stony Brook University, NY; B.A. from Dartmouth College. Teaches Philosophy, Advisor to Safe Zones, Pre-Law Advisor.

Melissa Meade

Associate Professor, Humanities
(603) 526-3798 |

Professor Meade joined the faculty in 2004 from Seattle, Washington, and her teaching areas include media theory, history and law, and gender studies. Her research focuses on cultural history of the mid-Twentieth Century, women's media, and feminism. She serves on the board of the Third Wave Foundation and helped co-found the New Hampshire Women's Caucus.

Ann Page Stecker

Professor, Humanities
David H. Winton Endowed Chair

(603) 526-3644 |

Joined faculty in 1980. A.B. from Randolph-Macon Woman's College; M.A. from University of Virginia. Areas of teaching include environmental literature, autobiography, British literature, New England history and women's literature. Professor Stecker also teaches courses which support the foundation of the Women's Studies minor, an interdisciplinary minor which explores the social, intellectual and cultural construction of gender.

Professor Stecker is the coordinator of the Wesson Honors Program, which offers academic, cultural and social opportunities for the most highly motivated and capable of Colby-Sawyer's students who combine a solid work ethic and natural ability with intellectual curiosity.

A historian and writer, she is a published author of a New Hampshire history as well as a 19th-century women's history, and is the author of Our Voices, Our Town: The History of New London, New Hampshire, from 1950 to 2000.