media studies faculty

Patrick D. Anderson

Professor, Humanities
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Joined faculty in 1977. A.B., from University of Notre Dame; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan. Professor Anderson teaches courses in American studies, American literature, Native American culture and film.

He is especially interested in exploring the interdisciplinary links between literature and the arts, and offers several courses to support the English and Media Studies Majors and American Studies minor, including The West in American Culture, The American Dream in Literature and Film, Native American Literature, American Film and Literary Modernism.

The author of a book and numerous published articles on film, Professor Anderson lectures frequently throughout the state and presents radio film reviews on a regular basis. He recently completed a sabbatical leave which took him to Belize, Mexico and Peru where he studied the links between ancient traditions and contemporary cultures of the Maya and Inca people.

Donna E. Berghorn

Associate Professor, Humanities
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Teaches courses in writing, journalism, desktop publishing, interpersonal communication, and Web design, as well as serving as advisor to the Colby-Sawyer Courier, the student newspaper.

A published poet, Dr. Berghorn received her Ph.D. in Communication and Rhetoric from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She recently returned to the newspaper profession during a sabbatical at the Concord Monitor. She is also a student of mythology, folklore, and the occult.

Melissa Meade

Associate Professor, Humanities
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Dr. Meade joined the faculty in 2004 from The University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. Her teaching and research interests include media history, law and culture, and feminist media studies. She is currently a research associate for the Radio Preservation Task Force at the Library of Congress, a working member of the Feminist Technology Network (FemTechNet), and a member of the Legacy Council for the Third Wave Fund.

Ambrose Metzegen

Assistant Professor, Humanities
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Joined faculty in 2008. M.A. from Middlebury College and has taught at Clemson University and New England College, as well as gained experience in teaching and supervising special education in schools in Alaska and Newfoundland.

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Wally Borgen, Ed.D.

(603) 526-3721 |