student video channel

The Media Studies Program offers a wide array of technical and creative skill-building opportunities to enhance students' learning. One aspect of the curriculum is the audio/visual-based medium. This includes two video production courses - Video I and Video II.

The YouTube Channel highlights some creative, informative and entertaining videos submitted as final video projects by students in either the introductory video course or the more advanced video course. Each video provides a 'slice of life' view of an aspect of the Colby-Sawyer community or campus life or is based on original concepts extracted from the creative mind of the student. The student videos on the channel are by no means all the work students have created, but they were specifically chosen for their technical or creative quality.

In addition to student videos, the channel also features some productions of “Reel Talk,” a film review program hosted by Humanities Professor Patrick Anderson and at least one other student reviewer. The production is filmed by Media Studies students and these students also work backstage in the sound room, directing the show. “Reel Talk” is truly a collaborative effort which allows our students to gain experience with camera equipment and directing a video shoot, based around positive on-screen interaction between student(s) and professor.

The creation of this YouTube channel was the focus of an internship by Media Studies major Victoria Winfrey '10. Under the direction of College Communications and Media Studies, Winfrey conducted research and converted videos into formats that would work well online. She found that YouTube would be the most effective and accessible forum for showcasing student videos and other related work.

The CSC Media Studies YouTube Channel will grow in size as more videos and other student work from the video production classes are added over the years. Our hope is that the channel will convey a lively and dynamic sense of students' work, highlighting their interests, passions and skills. We welcome prospective students, alumni, the CSC community and others with an interest in communications and video and invite you to explore the work of our Media Studies students.