My Colby-Sawyer Experience

I have learned the importance of understanding nature in creating manmade landscapes and how art involves politics, business, and economics, in addition to providing beauty and inspiration.
Jennifer Sullivan,
Business Administration

175th Celebration

In 2012 the college celebrated 175 years as an institution of teaching and learning. Visit the 175th website for more information and to view photos of the events.

Round-leaved Sundew Drosera rotundifolia
Sundew Droseraceae family

Leaves are round, 3/4" wide, and form a rosette. Covered with reddish hairs that exude a sticky substance in dew-like droplets.

The Flowers are usually white or pink, open one at a time on a one-sided raceme, rises 4-9" above leaves.

Form/habitat: Acidic or peaty bogs. Flowers June-August.

Interesting fact: Sundew is an insectivorous plant that traps insects by holding them in the sticky drops.

NWI status: OBL

Text by Thad Soule for CES301.

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