My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“Colby-Sawyer people are really nice to be around, and the professors are great. Some of the classes have really changed my life, and I didn't expect that.”
Marianne Lamas, Psychology major

175th Celebration

In 2012 the college celebrated 175 years as an institution of teaching and learning. Visit the 175th website for more information and to view photos of the events.

Pitcher Plant Sarracenia purpurea
Pitcher Plant Sarraceniaceae family

Leaves: 4-10" long, usually purple veined, lined on the inside with downward pointing hairs. They form a cup that resembles a pitcher and fills with water.

Flower: Large 2" wide, nodding dark-red flowers.

Form: A curious insectivorous plant with large, nodding, dark flowers and pitcher shaped hollow leaves, which hold water and entrap insects

Habitat: Found in peat bogs and fens. Late spring and summer.

NWI Status: OBL

Text by Morgan Jenkins for CES301.

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