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175th Celebration

In 2012 the college celebrated 175 years as an institution of teaching and learning. Visit the 175th website for more information and to view photos of the events.

Painted Trillium Trillium undulatum
Lily Liliaceae family

Leaves are large and barely stalked, growing in a whorl of 3. They are roundish near the stem, widening egg-shaped, then tapering to a point.

Flowers have 3 wavy, white petals, with red veining near the base of each petal. These red stripes fade toward the point of the petal. 3 Sepals are also present, and remain after the flower goes by.

Form/Habitat:Painted trilliums grow in cool, moist woods, and bloom slightly ahead of their relative, the red trillium. 8-20" high. Blooms in May.

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