Pink Lady's Slipper Cypripedium acaule
Orchid Orchidaceae family

A pair of oval-shaped, ridged, somewhat shiny leaves unfold to reveal a solitary flower.

Flower is a single, pink, pouch, often with "veins" showing near the pouch seam. The lady slippers growing in our area tend to be a darker pink, although the color can range from white to dark pink. I have seen many white lady slippers in the White Mountains region, but have only encountered the pink ones around our New London area.

Form/habitat:Lady Slippers may be found in dry or moist woods, and are often found growing under pines. You will often notice them growing in pairs. 6"-1'high, blooming in May.

2001 seems to be an extraordinary year for Lady Slippers, with many people reporting more flowers than usual.

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