Aril – An outer covering for seeds that develops from the seed stalk. Often brightly colored and serves to attract animals which will help disperse the seed.

Deciduous - Having leaves that fall off or are shed after the growing season to avoid adverse weather conditions such as cold or drought.

Furrowed - Having long narrow shallow depressions that run lengthwise down a tree; grooves or wrinkles in the surface.

Herbaceous - A plant with soft rather than woody tissues.

Leafstalk - The slender stem that supports the blade of a leaf.

Lenticels - Small corky areas on the surface of stems, roots, bark, or leaves that allow the interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between internal tissues and the atmosphere.

Panicles - A loose compound or branched cluster of flowers.

Perennial – A plant that produces flowers and seeds more than one time in its lifespan, and therefore lives for more than one year.

Rose Hip - also called rose haws are the fruit of the rose plant.

Spike - A common term for the more proper "flower infloresence", which is a flower head made up of a central stem with the flowers growing directly on it.

Tubular - In the form of a tube, being hollow and cylindrical or pipe-like.

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