American Yew Taxus canadensis
Yew Taxaceae family

Leaves: Needles are flat and dark green, commonly less than 1" long. Needles form flat sprays along the branches.

Flowers/Fruits: Flowers are tiny and cone like and are inconspicuous in the leaf angles. Male and female flowers are on separate plants, appear in May. The female bears fruits are fleshy, red orange, and cup like. They surrond a single very hard seed and appear in July.

Twigs/Bark: Twigs are smooth and lined by stalks which are often light green in color. Branches are spreading and ascending and the bark is reddish in color, smooth, and very thin.

Form/Habitat: The American Yew is a shrub which can grow in a range from 3'-15'. It prefers light sandy, loamy, or heavy clay soils which are acidic to neutral and well drianed. This is a shade-tolerant species.

NWI Status:FAC

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