Norway Spruce Picea Abies
Pine Pinaceae family

Leaves: Needles are dark green and stiff, commonly 1" long or shorter.

Flowers/Fruits: Cones hang downwards and are found at the end of branches. Light green in color during maturation, turning a medium brown and falling soon after they mature. Cones are the largest in our region and are between 4"-6" long and up to 2" wide.

Twigs/Bark: Branches hang horizontally to U-shaped meaning they have a downward swoop from the trunk then gradually point upwards towards the end of the branch. Branches towards the top of the tree point upwards. Bark is gray brown in color and peeling in thin scales.

Form/Habitat: Norways are the fastest growing spruce, reaching heights of 60'-90', growth slows with age. Prefered soil is sandy, well-drained, and acidic. Norway spruces grow best in cool climates in locations where they have full sun.

NWI Status: NA

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