Balsam Fir Abies Balsamea
Pine Pinaceae family

Leaves: Evergreen needles are between 1"-1 1/2" long, mature needles are dark green and new growth is light green, both are whitened underneath. Needles are relatively soft to touch, think-friendly fir.

Flowers/Fruits: Cones are 2"-4" long, purplish brown and stand upright on branches which is common to the fir family.

Twigs/Bark: Twigs and bark are mostly smooth, resin blisters on bark.

Form/Habitat: Balsam Fir usually grows about 40' but can reach heights of up to 75'. It prefers silty to stony loams and is found in cold moist climates recieving about 30 or more inches of rain a year. Maxium age for a Balsam Fir is 200 years.

Interesting Fact: If it smells like Christmas its probably a Balsam Fir which are commonly used as Christmas trees.

NWI Status: FAC

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