My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“This work is my ministry,” she says, “and I've been placed on our Earth for this reason. Helping the poor is one of the areas that gives my life great meaning.”
Photographer Jill Booth Macdonell '57

Bluejoint Grass Calamagrostis canadensis
Grass Gramineae family

Flower Delicate small flowers; purple, lead-colored, or green

Form Branches hug the stem after flowering. Branches in bunches, inflorescence tan, wispy, slightly fuzzy
Medium-size to tall: 1.5-5 ft.

Ecology Native. Perennial

Habitat: Not very distinctive by itself, but easily recognizable in a big patch, this grass is very common in nothern bogs and swamps, where it covers large areas. The dried flower stalks remain for a while after flowering and overtop the leaves.

NWI status: FACW+

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