My Colby-Sawyer Experience

I have learned the importance of understanding nature in creating manmade landscapes and how art involves politics, business, and economics, in addition to providing beauty and inspiration.
Jennifer Sullivan,
Business Administration

Sensitive Fern Onoclea sensibilis
Wood fern Dryopteridaceae family

Leaf: 2' tall; leathery, light grass-green, scattered white hairs on undersurfaces. Cut into 12 nearly opposite pairs of leaflets.

Stalk:Usually longer than the leaf; yellow, with brown and thickened base; few scales; shallow furrow on face.

Form/habitat: Sturdy, coarse, "unfernlike fern", with broad almost triangular leaves, which tilt upward and backward. Most readily recongized by prominent network-forming veins. Common in damp and wet places; in full sun or shade, along banks, woodsides,walls, or edges of woods.

NWI status:FACW

Text by Morgan Jenkins for CES301.

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