My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“We are used to working with sick patients in the hospital setting, so it was nice to see the other end of the spectrum and be able to raise awareness among the students.”
Sandra Guglielmi, Nursing major

Interrupted Fern Osmunda Claytonia
Osmunda Osmundaceae family

Leaves: Leaves are large, coarse, oblong oval, broadest at middle. Leaves grow in an arching form from a central crown. Distinctly curve outward where fertile leaves more erect. All leaves wither early after frost.

Style: Large, coarse fern, arching ingrowth, with distinct interruptions in center of leaf, which are fertile leaflets.

Form/habitat: Found along roadsides and woodland ridges, rugged and persistent in almost all kids of soil locations. Perfers stony, dry soil, and the earliest fern to appear in spring.

NWI Status: FAC

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