My Colby-Sawyer Experience

I have learned the importance of understanding nature in creating manmade landscapes and how art involves politics, business, and economics, in addition to providing beauty and inspiration.
Jennifer Sullivan,
Business Administration

Platanus wrightii

Leaves: 10" palmatley with 5 pointed lobes. They are light green on top. The bottom is paler green with tiny hairs.

Flowers: Male flowers are small and green. The female flowers are green when young turning tan to brownish when mature. They are clustered in a dense ball at the end of stalks. They have 3-7 stamens and 5-9 pistils.

Fruit: Produce seeds.

Twigs: Alternate. White, sooth and thin.

Bark: White and smooth with peeling brown flakes.

Form/Habitat: The Arizona Sycamore can be found near water such as streams, washes and rocky canyons from 2,000-6,000'.

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