My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“The lasting value of my Capstone will be the knowledge and experience I gained in supporting such growth and development in my students through the project.”
Courtney Bodine, Graphic Design major

Carnegia gigantea

Height: 30' to 50'

Stem: 2 1/2' in diameter. They have a green and treelike trunk with 12 to 30 ribs. As they mature they grow branches up to 20" in diameter. The spines are 3" long and in a cluster of 15 to 30.

Flowers/Fruit: In bloom May to June. The flowers are white and funnel shaped. It is 3" wide at the top. They bloom at the top of the trunk and arms in clusters. They only open at night and once annualy. The fruit is fleshy, green and egg shape 3" long.

Form/Habitat: Found in the rocky slopes and well drained flats. Their range is only in southern Arizona

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