Opuntia fulgida

Height: Up to 15'

Stem: The joints are green and cylindrical up to 6" long. They detach very easily. The spines are yellowish, barbed and 1 1/4" long in clusters of 2 to 12. They also have tiny, barbed hairs known as glochids common to all prickly-pears and chollas.

Flowers/Fruit: In bloom May to August. The flowers are deep pink. It is 3/4" wide at the top. They bloom on top of the previous years fruit forming what appears to be a chain. and contain many petals. The fruit is green, oval, 1 1/2" long and contains spines. The fruit is also infertile. Instead, the cholla reproduces by dropping joints which will root and grow.

Form/Habitat: Found in the desert and hillsides from 1,000' to 3,000'. Thier range is only sothern Arizona.

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