My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“My Capstone experience allowed me to ask questions that have not yet been answered and actively engage in finding answers to them.”
Evelina Simanonyte, Psychology major

Fraxinus velutina

Leaves: 5-9 leaflets 5" long. Individual leaves are lanceolate and smooth. Young leaves have a velvety surface.

Flowers: Flowers are small and green with no petals. Male flowers only have two stamens. They will appear in early spring before the leaves unfold.

Fruit: 1.25" long and light brown. They are very papery and flat. They hang in dense clusters at the tip of the stem. They are dispersed by the wind.

Twigs: Opposite.

Bark: Dark with an interwoven pattern of narrow furrows and shallow ridges.

Form/Habitat: Velvet Ash is not adapted to an arid climate and is only found near a permanent source of water such as a stream, wash or canyon. They can be found from, southern Nevada and Utah to Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas.

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