Fraxinus velutina

Leaves: 5-9 leaflets 5" long. Individual leaves are lanceolate and smooth. Young leaves have a velvety surface.

Flowers: Flowers are small and green with no petals. Male flowers only have two stamens. They will appear in early spring before the leaves unfold.

Fruit: 1.25" long and light brown. They are very papery and flat. They hang in dense clusters at the tip of the stem. They are dispersed by the wind.

Twigs: Opposite.

Bark: Dark with an interwoven pattern of narrow furrows and shallow ridges.

Form/Habitat: Velvet Ash is not adapted to an arid climate and is only found near a permanent source of water such as a stream, wash or canyon. They can be found from, southern Nevada and Utah to Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas.

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