Opuntia basilaris

Height: 15"

Stem: Stems spread 6' in diameter. Flat, spineless pads in the shape of a beavertail. Pads grow up to 1' long, 6" wide and 1/2" thick. The joints are grayish. They have tiny, barbed hairs known as glochids common to all prickly-pears and chollas.

Flowers/Fruit: In bloom March to May. The flower is a pinkish/magenta color and 3" wide at the top. They bloom at the top of the pad and contain many petals. The fruit is oval and is 1". It is grayish and contains glochids.

Form/Habitat: Found in the gravel soils of canyons, washes or flats from 200' to 4,000'. They range from southwestern California to western Arizona north to Utah.

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