Highbush Cranberry Viburnum trilobum
Honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae family

Leaves have three lobes that are U-shaped and the base of the leaf is not heart-shaped, as a similar looking maple leaf is, but is rather V-shaped in form. Slightly hairy, opposite, and toothed, leaves grow between 2"-4".

Flowers/Fruits: Flowers are white, have five petals, and grow in clusters from 1 1/2"-3" across. Flowers on the outside of cluster are generally larger and sterile, blooms May through July. Fruits are red and edible, tart, and commonly retain thier bright red color after the plant's leaves have withered for the season, September-October.

Buds/Twigs have two scales and are shinny and red. Twigs are hairless.

Form/Habitat: Highbush Cranberry is a tall shrub growing to approximately 17' and favors the moist, acidic understory of forests as well as cool, acidic swamps.

NWI Status: FACW

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