My Colby-Sawyer Experience

“This work is my ministry,” she says, “and I've been placed on our Earth for this reason. Helping the poor is one of the areas that gives my life great meaning.”
Photographer Jill Booth Macdonell '57

175th Celebration

In 2012 the college celebrated 175 years as an institution of teaching and learning. Visit the 175th website for more information and to view photos of the events.

Wild Raisin Viburnum cassinoides
Heath Ericaceae family

Leaves narrow to egg-shaped, 2-5". Appear dull, thick, rarely toothed or nearly entire. Leafstalks winged.

Flowers/Fruit: Flowers small and stalked in clusters. The fruit is pink turning bluish-black, with white powder, Sept.-Oct.

Twig: Twigs dull, and somewhat flexible. Rust colored buds with long side buds close to twig. Flower bud is not completely enclosed by the brownish long scales (think - with raisin). Easily confused with Nannyberry.

Form/Habitat: Wooded swamps, wet woods, and stream margins. 12' Flowers June-Aug.

NWI Status: FACW to OBL

Text by Thad Soule for CES301.

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